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connecteur mooncard

Mooncard connector Mooncard connector

Mooncard is a simple and comprehensive expense report management tool.

– How to integrate supplier invoices and accounting entries in my ERP in order to proceed with reimbursements and management monitoring?
– How to integrate the transaction statements (which are not in the standard French banking format) in account statement format in order to reconcile the expenses incurred with the movements on the bank account?

With the connector offered by Ubister, you can automatically integrate expense accounting entries by creating supplier invoices into your SAP Business ByDesign ERP.
You will also be able to automate bank reconciliation thanks to the transformation and integration of transaction statements.

You save manual processing time to do more value-added tasks, you make data transfer more reliable, and you increase the level of confidence that users will have in your management data.

Real time monitoring

Total visibility of all your employees’ expenses Gain control and security by limiting the risks associated with human error.

More control

Your spending policy can be integrated into your means of payment and therefore avoids unpleasant surprises.

Connecteur Mooncard


  • Implementation from
    850 €
  • Monthly subscription from
    292 €
Antoine, your finance expert

“This connector meets a need that is felt by all companies managing a large number of expense reports. Seeing all of these supplier invoices created automatically in the tool is a real pleasure.”

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